Etudes Médiévales Anglaises:

A French Journal of English Medieval Studies (ISSN  2727-2184)

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Two calls for papers are currently available:


The call for papers for the issue 98: "Clothing". The papers must be written in French or English and be sent to the editors of the issue, Martine Yvernault and Tatjana Silec, by February 15, 2021.


The call for papers for the issue 97: "Pestilence & Resilience". The papers must be written in French or English and be sent to the editor of the issue, Anne Mathieu, by December 31, 2020.


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EMA (formerly BAM) is a peer-reviewed pluridisciplinary journal founded in 1972. Its aim is to publish articles concerned with medieval England, its culture and its language, as well as reviews of academic books pertaining to those topics. Articles may be written in French or English. All articles are examined by two anonymous reviewers before they can be accepted for publication.


Chief Editor: Colette Stévanovitch, Université de Lorraine

Assistant Editor: Nolwena Monnier, Université Toulouse 3


Editorial Board:

Agnès Blandeau, Université de Nantes

Florence Bourgne, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Guy Bourquin, Université de Lorraine

Leo Carruthers, Université Paris-Sorbonne

Jean-Marc Chadelat, Université Paris Sorbonne

Jean-Paul Debax, Université Toulouse II - Jean Jaurès

Juliette Dor, Université de Liège

Petya Ivanova, Université de Genève

André Lascombes, Université de Tours

Brian Lowrey, Université de Picardie

Stephen Morrison, Université de Poitiers

Jean-Pascal Pouzet, Université de Limoges

Catherine Royer-Hemet, Université du Havre

Colette Stévanovitch, Université de Lorraine

René Tixier, Université de Toulouse II - Jean Jaurès

Fabienne Toupin, Université de Tours


How to get the journal

The journal is published twice yearly (with a winter and a summer issue).


Members of the AMAES society receive a copy at home for free (how to join the AMAES). Non-members or current members wishing to obtain an older issue may order a copy from our secretary, Dino Meloni.



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Tables of Contents of the latest issues

Tables of Contents for the latest issues (1997-   ) are available at the bottom of the French page for EMA.