AMAES Publications

AMAES as publisher

The AMAES publishes two types of publication in its own name:


- EMA (Etudes Médiévales Anglaises, ISSN 2727-2184), a journal of medieval English studies with two yearly issues;


- Publications de l'AMAES, a series  including both individual books and collections of essays about Medieval English Studies.


Between 1992 and 2006, the society also published a number of additional books:


- Special Issues: books or collections of essays that the society occasionally chooses to publish in addition to its main series.


AMAES members receive the two EMA issues and the Publications de l'AMAES latest book every year at home for free (join the AMAES).


Non-members may order those publications from our secretary (15€ for an EMA issue; prices may vary for books, see the references on our website).


Members and non-members alike may purchase special issues by contacting our secretary or the author (check the relevant page for accurate information on each volume).



Olivier Simonin


Publications by AMAES members

You may find out about the latest publications by our members by having a look at our thematic bibliography.